25th January 2022 SARS-CoV-2 Update

Updated 25th January 2022

PLEASE NOTE - Mask/PPE Use and Social Distancing protocols will continue indefinitely at Beehive Healthcare.

From the point of view of Beehive Healthcare, we accommodate a variety of businesses and a mix of NHS clinics and complementary medicine. Many of the clients who attend have some complex health issues already, so we have decided to keep the restrictions for mask use and social distancing in place, when on site here in order to protect yourselves and the professionals who work here. In addition, if you test positive for Covid, please do not attend your appointment until you have had a negative test.

In summary

  • Mask and PPE use will continue at Beehive
  • If you come into contact with a positive case after January 2022, please obtain a PCR test to confirm negative result prior to attending an appointment. You may be asked to prove you have a negative PCR when you arrive in order to protect everyone else.
  • If you have covid-19 symptoms and/or have tested positive, please DO NOT attend an appointment at our centre.

How are we keeping you and our professionals safe?

If you have not been to Beehive in a while, when you step in you will notice some changes. The reception has a perspex shield in place. Our magazines have been removed and we no longer offer you a drink. We have added some signs around the centre to remind you of procedures too.

These changes are all part of our drive to reduce the chance of infection spread within the centre, so that we can continue to offer treatments and keep open. As customers you play a key role in this by supporting our efforts. We ask you to please support our attempts to keep everyone safe and ask us or the professional you have an appointment with if you are unsure about anything.

We appreciate your help in making sure we can remain open and our priority is to keep everyone safe, so we can continue to care for you and ensure you get the help that you need.


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