NHS Clinics and Workshops Information

We have a number of NHS Clinic appointments and workshops operating from Beehive Healthcare

Examples of the clinics/workshops we have here are:

Diabetes: Prevention, Type 2 and Gestational

Health and Lifestyles Essentials

Dietetics/ Community Nutrition

Respiratory Physiotherapy including Long Covid Clinics

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Support including specialist nursing, counselling and CBT.

Please note that we are unable to take or change any appointments as we are not an NHS building or organisation and their teams are not based here.

You will need to contact the hospital, GP or department involved for any appointment or medical queries surrounding your care.


Useful Information:

Please note that in order to continue to offer the best healthcare for clients who may be in a high risk group, we are keeping the provisions in place for reducing viral spread. This includes social distancing, the wearing of masks and hand washing/ hand gel on arrival. We may also do a temperature check. 

If you are coming here please see the map below for where we are. Our car park is free and behind the building. There are around 16 spaces so we cannot guarantee a space but usually find customers attending the centre can get one.

A link to the Google Maps version for directions can be found HERE

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