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Amatsu treats your whole body, not just the symptoms. It comprises of a number of different techniques such as massage, mobilisation, re-patterning and cranial balancing, which can be used in many combinations to suit the clients needs including back pain.

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Hopi Ear Candle Therapy

Thermo Auricular Therapy What it is and what I can expect? The heat from the candle eases pain and discomfort in the ear.  The ingredients impregnated in the cotton vaporise and are drawn down the hollow centre of the candle…

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Menopause Services

What it is and what I can expect? Menopause Service Overview Mr Ash Alam joins Beehive Healthcare to offer consultations for women focusing on all aspects of health around the menopause and beyond. Ash is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist…

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NHS Clinics and Workshops Information

We have a number of NHS Clinic appointments and workshops operating from Beehive Healthcare Examples of the clinics/workshops we have here are: Diabetes: Prevention, Type 2 and Gestational Health and Lifestyles Essentials Dietetics/ Community Nutrition Respiratory Physiotherapy including Long Covid…

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Nutrition Therapy

Raw Food Nutrition Consultations use the field of nutrition science to promote and support you with good health and to amazing health and vitality, increased energy, improved skin conditions or weight loss.

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Sexual Wellbeing Clinic

Welcome to the Sexual Wellbeing Clinic where sexual difficulties are resolved  professionally, holistically & confidentially We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and patient-centred care for men, women and non-binary people at all stages of life and health. Sexual Wellbeing Clinic leaflet WHO IS…

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Yoga – Innov8 Pilates

Thursdays 18:15 – 19:15 Yoga makes a welcomed return to Beehive Healthcare with Emma Barwise from Innov8 Pilates Chester. Emma’s existing clients will know that she uses an eclectic and sometimes unusual mix of postures and flowing sequences with a…