Menopause Services

What it is and what I can expect?

Menopause Service Overview

Mr Ash Alam joins Beehive Healthcare to offer consultations for women focusing on all aspects of health around the menopause and beyond. Ash is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist who specialises in Menopause Care and forms part of the Sexual Wellbeing Clinic team too.

Take a look at the video below about the clinic and his part within it.

The Initial Menopause service Consultation

You may well be someone who has been experiencing symptoms and issues for a long time before you have sought help. Ash understands this and so you can expect to have the time and space to explore and discuss this fully in your first appointment. He is also happy to have a brief chat before your appointment so please feel free to contact him directly or via his secretary.

During this first meeting your specific needs/aims will be covered and all aspects of the menopause. This includes options surrounding medication and any gynaecological issues, or non medicated options.

You will receive comprehensive advice regarding any preparations that are recommended including benefits versus risk discussion/advice.



The Follow Up Consultations

At a follow up consultation there will be an assessment of how any treatments are helping, along with advice with regards to any side-effects or problems with treatment. There will also be a general review of how you are and adjustments made to any plan.

Booking an appointment

If you would like to speak to Ash before making an appointment he is happy to take calls on 07905111953 (please leave a message and he will get back to you)

We can make bookings for Ash through Beehive on a Monday afternoon

Ash's website can be found here: Mersey Gynaecology


Please get in touch for more information;

    Alternatively phone us on 01244915603

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