Here are some testimonials from customers regarding the therapies, treatments and classes they have accessed here at Beehive Healthcare. You can find others within our website pages : )

Mother Nurture

"What a super service! Feel so lucky to have been able to see Gemma for a lovely treatment. I felt so relaxed when I left. Gemma is so knowledgeable and so lovely. Literally 48 hours later I had our beautiful baby boy and avoided being induced. Thank you Gemma"

"I had a fantastic acupuncture treatment by Gemma for PGP and slept soundly afterwards following weeks of broken sleep. Slowly getting worse again (but 3 weeks of relief) so I will definitely be booking back in for another session!"

"The moxibustion worked!"

"I honestly can't believe how fantastic I feel, it's like magic. Thank you so much, I'll be recommending you to everyone"

"5 stars, very relaxing and professional. A feeling of wellbeing"

"5 star treatment. The treatment was very relaxing and well explained. Gemma was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend!"

"Totally relaxation, the treatment was just wonderful"

"5 stars. Everything from my first phone call to enquire about the treatment was fantastic. Lovely people who took the time to explain, talk and answer questions. I felt very welcome and treated like an individual, with my own background, current situation etc - a very personal service."

"Excellent service, so relaxing, thank you"

"I feel totally relaxed which is just what I needed and came for. Gemma was lovely and very informative too"

"Thank you so much for seeing me the other day!  It was all actually very relaxing, and I felt really great whilst I was there...I didn't feel any different that evening, as expected, but I had the best nights sleep. Iwoke up a couple of times and honestly thought I must be dreaming still because I didn't feel sick. I didn't have that horrible taste in my mouth through the night or when I woke up in the morning.  I still had nausea throughout the day yesterday, but not quite as bad as it has been. I was curious to see how the night would go last night and it was exactly the same as the previous night, so much better, it honestly feels like a miracle and I can't understand how it can happen but it has."

Sandra Leyland-Williams - Massage

"Excellent. One of the very best." Lindy Barker

"Sandra's healing hands are amazing, easing away tension and stress. Great Massage"                                                                                                                                          Anonymous

See also Sandra's video testimonials here

Footcare, Reflexology, Massage - LynseyMcCabe

Service: Reflexology

Lynsey was kind and made sure I was comfortable and at ease.  She suggested that I could talk if I wanted or just relax and sleep.  This put me further at ease as I could switch off and relax.  The pressure applied was just right and I will be interested to see if it helps to bring on labour!?!?!

Many thanks, Becky Knox


Service: MediPedi

health and wellbeing centre | Chester | aromatherapy

Lynsey was very good with my treatment, my feet feel nicely refreshed and feel nicely relaxed and Lynsey was very good at listening too, through the treatment.  I will definitely go back.  It was good to have someone give my feet the care they deserve, as a wheelchair user treating my own feet is not possible.  Thank you Lynsey.


"Very nice lady, a most enjoyable experience, which I will repeat."

Tina Glover

"Reflexology is great, I feel light on my feet. Nail trimming and filing is good. Advice given superb."

Elaine Winterton

5 stars for Aromatherapy Massage

Great service.  Welcoming staff. Accommodating - I had a very last minute additional service


Bodywork Pilates

"Excellent workout. Very good for my long standing back problem, walk away feeling like a piece of elastic!"  PB

"Excellent Yoga class, highly recommend."  Pauline

"Relaxed friendly and knowledgeable! TB

"Really like the room and classes"  Sharonne

"Fab as always!" CR

Dru Yoga

"I cannot recommend this class highly enough. The back and breathing problems I have had for years have gone. This is easy exercise with great benefits." Elaine Pike

"Came to yoga very stiff, have disabilities, 2 knee replacements, ankle fusion, hip dynamic screw, arthritis, after 12 months+ of yoga, I am now very flexible, walking straight, no where near as stressed. Feel 10 years younger." Phil Boden

"I have found the classes excellent and Tracey is a great teacher and very patient with novices. It has been very beneficial and fun." Trish Dunn

"I have never undertaken any form of Yoga in the past and was a bit sceptical. However, I have been very impressed and feel that just a few weeks have made a significant difference in my flexibility. Tracey is extremely patient and very motivating."  Kate Boden

Julie Flower - Peaceful Minds - Counselling

"I highly recommend Julie, she helped me take back control of my life" Martin
"It was easy to relax and be myself with Julie this enabled me to access some deep inner emotions I had buried for years, what a relief I feel like a different person"  Alex
"After just a few sessions with Julie I felt empowered with tools to manage my life and moods much more effectively" Paul
"Julie helped me understand the root cause of my addiction , I haven’t drank now for 12 months" Peter
" Julie is a great listener, doesn't judge you, and wants the very best outcome for you as a client. Her service is friendly and effective." Sarah
"I instantly felt at ease with Julie, she has helped me view things in a very different light. She completely changed my life; going to see Julie has been the best thing I have ever done." Marie
"Julie helped me make sense of a really difficult situation which enabled me to take back control of my life."  Caroline

Nicola Wagstaff

Treatments; Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Indian Head Massage


"The first time i met Nicola was at a talk she was doing about herself and her journey.
She inspired and exited me instantly. From her story i learnt how genuine and full of courage she was. There and then i decided to have hypnotherapy. I new this lady could help me.

At the first session she gathered information about me, and my life and what my wants were from hypnotherapy. She explained how it worked and how i was still in control at all times during the hypnosis.

The second and following sessions i lay down on the couch, there was very soothing, quiet music in the background. Before long after listening to her soothing voice i found myself relaxed and hypnotised. It was like being asleep but still being aware of your surroundings. We had decided at the outset what i wanted to deal with .
I felt no fear. She was constantly affirming affirmations , some had come from me and some from herself. She was taking notes and getting to know me (inside and out} !!!!! Sounds scary but it wasn't. She is very competent, confident, and knows her stuff !!!

I am a psychotherapist/ counsellor, with child and adolescent counselling skills and reality therapy skills, so i am in awe and aware of many skills she was using. but her knowledge and skills were inexhaustible, she even brought in some reiki at times to heal both physical and mental difficulties.

In psychotherapy the process of changing negative thoughts which can lead to negative feelings and actions, can take a lot of time and effort, in hypnosis however, it can be changed much more quickly as it is being changed from the inside out, not the outside in. I was walking around one day and a thought popped up in my head, you are loving and lovable, where did that come from I thought, this was an affirmation from one of Nicolas sessions !!!!! This was not the last !

To summarise, this journey that nicola accompanied me on was one of , self worth building, and positive life changing.

I would recommend her without hesitation"


"I attended several hypnotherapy sessions with Nicola at the beginning of 2016. I immediately found her to be warm, trustworthy and highly professional. Her soft, calm voice and caring manner meant that the sessions were very relaxing and were something that I looked forward to. Nicola really listened to me and took the time to find out what I wanted to achieve from the therapy. She showed great empathy and it was reassuring to feel that she understood the difficulties I was experiencing. Her desire to help me move forward was both genuine and determined. Nicola has gently guided and supported me to come to a greater understanding of myself.

She is extremely knowledgeable and as well as the hypnotherapy, she has given me other tools and information that I know will help me to further improve my health and wellbeing.

I feel lucky that our paths crossed and I would strongly recommend Nicola to anyone in the future",


Yoga with Nicola Wagstaff

*SO GOOD*! I can't recommend this class enough. Nicola gives everyone a little head massage during relaxation, and last night we got to experience her singing bowls (sound healing) which was very special and takes you to an even deeper level of relaxation. Very nice people in the class, too 🙂


"I’ve been practicing yoga (badly) for more than 15 years, I always ‘made’ myself go, and generally felt better for doing it. However, Nicky’s class is a different experience altogether, I can’t wait for 'the' evening! It’s a gentle, calm class with a greater emphasis on wellbeing, we are encouraged to challenge ourselves but not to push so hard that it becomes uncomfortable. A guided meditation at the end is the perfect conclusion to a very enjoyable class. Giggling occasionally seems to be generally welcomed, which is very refreshing, we’re never under pressure to take ourselves too seriously."

Angela Mayers

"Hatha Vinyasa with Nicola leaves me feeling really positive physically and psychologically, completely relaxed and at ease with myself. The level of physical challenge is well balanced with the meditative element and I note that Nicola adapts the class individually so that everyone is comfortable. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and it's clear that Nicola has well rounded experience and knowledge of Yoga and Meditation. I really look forward to the weekly sessions."

Emma Birkett

 One to one treatments; Hypnotherapy, Reiki (with Nicola Wagstaff)

"I am honoured to be able to say a few words about my experience with Nicola and four hypnotherapy sessions I had with her at the end of 2015.  I can honestly say it was a marvellous experience. At the end of the first session I felt that at last someone understands me and the difficulty I had, without judgement or criticism but with pure love and consideration.  Nicola has the highest integrity I have known in a person, she is completely trustworthy and wants only the best for me.  Nicola was very helpful fitting me in for the sessions and took time to explain exactly what would happen at each stage.  Her wonderful soft voice was perfect too for relaxing me and I was completely at ease the whole time and we finished with some Reiki which was a wonderful bonus.
I am pleased to say I feel so much better now and able to understand where the difficulties I was encountering were coming from.  I have a way to go, but Nicola has provided me with the tools I need to take things further for myself and things are definitely on the up.
I recommend you try hypno for yourself, it can only do you some good."


"After attending Nicky’s ‘introduction to hypnotherapy’ talk, I decided I’d like to give it a go. I had no real idea why, or what I wanted to get out of it but something inside me drove me to begin. We’re at the beginning of my journey I think, I’ve already found out things about myself that I had either forgotten or buried. Nicky is a very understanding therapist, she helps me to form my own conclusions and supports me. Hypnotherapy is so gentle a process, if you feel you’d like to gain a better understanding of the choices you make then I would highly recommend."

Angela Mayers

"This was the first time I had ever experienced hypno therapy. Nicola made me feel very comfortable with this new experience.
Nicola was very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. I wanted support and to achieve an improvement in my self confidence. Nicola used techniques to make me feel at ease and be able to talk openly about personal topic’s in a friendly but professional environment. We talked about the goals I wanted to achieve both personally and professionally and I have since been able to complete tasks that previously generated a level of anxiety with confidence. Nicola was always very flexible and accommodating with appointments and demonstrated a passion and energy that was infectious. This experience helped me to tackle personal obstacles and improve my professional skills."

This customer wished to remain anonymous

"I have had a few Hypnotherapy sessions now and could feel the benefit after just one session. I feel so much calmer and positive about my life. I was a little nervous before my first Hypnotherapy session as I wasn’t sure what to expect and how I would feel. However with Nic’s reassurance and support I can honestly say that during the Hypnotherapy I am probably in the most relaxed state I have ever been in. During the Hypnotherapy I am deeply relaxed but fully aware of everything and feel that I am only under the Hypnotherapy for about 10 minutes but in reality it’s much longer than that.
I look forward to my sessions with Nic, before the Hypnotherapy we will discuss first how I am feeling and what changes I have noticed since my last session. Nic will always suggest other tools to help me improve my health and wellbeing and which I have taken on board and now use.
Nic is a genuine and caring person with a high level of empathy and understanding of my feelings. I feel that I am moving on with my life and so much more positive about the future thanks to her help and support."

This customer wished to remain anonymous

Talks and Workshops with Nicola Wagstaff


"Fantastic, informative talk. Definitely worth attending. Now sure this will be a helpful therapist for me"

This customer wished to remain anonymous

"This was a brilliant talk and I feel now that I know much more about Hypnotherapy. It made it all the more interesting because of Nicola's honesty and her sharing her own personal experiences. "

This customer wished to remain anonymous

"Extremely interesting and informative talk. Great time spent. Thank you"

This customer wished to remain anonymous

"Very very inspirational.  I really feel that I now have a way fowward.  Thank you so much"

Yvonne Devlin

"Very interesting and informative.  Nicola explained everything so clearly, very inspiring"

This customer wished to remain anonymous

"Fantastic, informative talk. Definitely worth attending. Now sure this will be a helpful therapist for me"

This customer wished to remain anonymous

"Very welcoming and lots of interesting life story.  Left me wanting to learn more about myself to move forward. Thank you,

This customer wished to remain anonymous


Tai Chi - Ian and Jan Howie

"Having just retired I was looking for an exercise class that would keep me fit and restore and maintain my flexibility. Tai Chi for Health increases flexibility whilst at the same time brings inner peace and wellbeing. Taught in a very informative way by Ian Howie of Wirral Tai Chi and Qi Gong, these exercises work on much more than just the physical level. They are beneficial for many conditions, from blood pressure to arthritis. the exercises are simple and have the benefit of being able to repeat at home.

Mike Rogers

"Tai Chi helps to relax the body and makes you aware of what each joint is doing as you move slowly. I feel more relaxed after the class. You can practice the simplest moves at home"

This customer wished to remain anonymous

"I have been attending Tai Chi classes for a number of years and find it very beneficial, especially the balancing and breathing exercises"

This customer wished to remain anonymous

"Very good class - well explained and with individual help when required"

This customer wished to remain anonymous

Reiki - Sarah Cunliffe

5 Stars for Reiki Treatment

Great service.  Welcoming staff.  Accommodating - very last minute additional service

James Hardy-Pickering

Vitalize - Emma Halewood

Treatments: One-to-One Yoga, Reiki, Wellness Coaching and The Crystal Yoga Class

5 Star Feedback

"A really good experience from walking in the door, to the One-to-One Yoga sessions I have had."

Doug Jenkins

“Thought you may interested, really enjoyed the yoga last night (Love & Heart Healing week), felt stretched and alert, didn’t really feel changed emotionally (we have had a difficult few months at home). However, about an hour after getting home a sense of complete peace ad happiness settled in me. It’s still there” : )

The Crystal Yoga Class attendee (Anon)

“I just wanted to give you my sincerest thanks for helping me to develop and change my life for the beautiful experience it should be : ) You are amazing and you are helping me to feel the same way”

Reiki client (Anon)

“An amazing combination of yoga and crystal therapy, very powerful healing. The best yoga class I’ve been to”

The Crystal Yoga Class attendee (Anon)

"You are literally the best. I’ve lost 9lbs in 5 weeks following your guidance after my Raw Food Nutrition Consultations! Thank you! Xx"

Jess Stevens

“I feel a lot more positive and much more relaxed due to having a course of these Reiki sessions”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Wellness Coaching sessions and was surprised by the immediate impact  that the sessions had on how I feel day to day. I truly believe that everyone can benefit in some way from this type of coaching”

John H

“Emma is a fantastic Wellness Coach, this programme over the past 6 months has completely changed, my life and my health on all levels, I can’t thank you enough”

Wellness Coach client (Anon)

The Wellness Coaching could not have come at a better time for me as I am pregnant with my first child which is quite an emotional upheaval. The Wellness Coaching has taught me a about myself and the tools I require for a balanced and happy life. I would have to say that at the start of this process I was a little cynical, but now having experienced it I would recommend it to anyone - even if you feel you don’t need it! The exercises, tools and strategies were extremely effective.


Beautiful Reiki experience. I felt very comfortable and relaxed in the Emma’s company straight away. Very professional. Couldn’t recommend this company enough!

Jess Stevens

“I had a Reiki treatment and I can say it was amazing. The treatment room is such beautiful calming place and Emma took lets of time explaining to me what Reiki was and all about how it helps the mind, body and soul. After the treatment I felt revitalised and happy. A great treatment to calm your mind and ease stress. Emma is lovely too. Such a Zen and grounded person”


"I would recommend this to anyone, it’s only been 4 weeks so far but the results have been great. At the start of the process I felt unbalanced, unfocused and and not in a very positive frame of mind, but now I feel myself becoming a lot more aligned with where I want to be, more focused , happier and balanced”

Wellness Coach client (Anon)

"Emma is one of the best therapists I’ve come across, and I’ve been to a lot. I can’t recommend her highly enough"

Wellness Coach client (Anon)

"Emma was excellent at diagnosing exactly what I needed to do in order to improve my habits and general well-being. She is an expert at teaching correct yoga positioning and breathing, understanding your personal body and mind needs and really guiding you individually in best yoga practice. Thank you Emma!"