Sharon Shelbourne, Owner

Sharon Shelbourne, Owner of Beehive Healthcare, Chester

When you come into Beehive, I want you to feel like you are walking into a calm, therapeutic and welcoming atmosphere with soft music playing in the background. The key focus is your journey, from when you find us to when you walk out, feeling that you have had a positive experience and where excellence is a given. I enjoy receiving the positive feedback that you give us on the difference that all of us at Beehive have made to your lives and it means we are doing it right which the most important thing.

I have worked in the NHS for the majority of my professional career and seen first hand the impact that people’s health can have on the whole of their lives, how they feel emotionally, physically, how they function daily and how it affects the people around them.

Having worked in different disciplines in the hospital and the community, I am passionate about making a difference to people’s health. This has led me to setting up Beehive as I wanted to create a one stop shop where clients can find everything to deal with their physical, mental, spiritual wellbeing in a tranquil and relaxed environment. The choice, expertise and flexibility means that you can chose a professional and build a trusting and caring relationship to optimise your health.

Joanne Wood, Practice Manager

Joanne Wood, Practice Manager at Beehive Healthcare, Chester

I have been with Beehive since the beginning, when Sharon shared her vision of an integrated health centre with me.  I had been a research scientist and worked within hypnotherapy and coaching so saw first hand the great benefits that can be achieved when different disciplines are combined to tackle a health concern. It is far greater than the sum of the parts!

My role here is to manage the operations of the centre, to keep it running smoothly with quality services available and to ensure that every customer who walks in is helped in any way we can.

There are so many different treatments, classes and workshops available here that I like to take the time to chat to you to find out what you are looking for and what factors need to be taken into account. Choice and flexibility is something I believe strongly in and so will always offer contact details so you can work out which approach or professional is right for you.

I  also hold discussions with any professional who wishes to work from the centre, we welcome contact from any health based discipline who would like to move their business to Beehive or expand into Chester.

Joanne Richardson - Reception

When I moved to Chester in 2018.  I searched out a Holistic and Well-Being Centre and came across Beehive.

My whole being is about harmonising your spiritual and physical being in a relaxed and professional environment.  Beehive Healthcare is that environment.

It was an absolute yes when Sharon and Jo asked me to join their fabulous team.  Being the face of the Centre along side Jo and encouraging Sharon's vision of a calm, therapeutic and welcoming atmosphere, it is my role to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your time with us.

My past experiences have always been in the caring and support sectors, from Human Resources, Health and Beauty Therapies, Assessments of students within their studies, to teaching in an Adult College.  I have also helped people with disabilities for many years, to access and receive minor and major adaptations to their living spaces, where they can feel safe and independent within their own home environment, and being a "sounding" board for those facing challenging and quite often emotional circumstances.

I look forward to greeting you and I hope to see you at Beehive Healthcare in the near future.