Claire Hegarty, Health and Lifestyle Expert, introduces us to non surgical options for those wanting to lose weight.

Would you love to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight long term?

Are you fed up of dieting?

Obesity and weight gain is becoming an ever increasing problem in the UK, one which is now seen starting at a very early age.  With such a vast range of “diet” products, diets, weight loss pills and even weight loss surgery, why is this problem not getting less?
The reason for this, is that dieting on its own is just not enough. Most people already know what they should or should not eat, what they should and should not do. That’s not where most people need the help. Where they need the help is the “doing” of the things they know they should do.
Food is one of the most abused substances in the UK. More and more people are eating to change their mood rather than through hunger and since food is a substance that we need each day it cannot just be cut out like cigarettes or alcohol. As a result of this, dealing with weight problems for many people is far more complex and involved than simply addressing their portion size. This is demonstrated by the numerous people who go through weight loss surgery and still do not lose weight, not because the surgery wasn’t successful, rather it’s because the reason “why” the person eats what they eat was not addressed.
I remember watching a TV programme where a scientist said that when people have weight loss surgery it is the wrong organ that is being operated on; that it is their brain that needs the help rather than their stomach. I totally agree and this is where Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy come in as such vital tools to create long term weight loss.
Our habits, behaviours and emotions all come from our Unconscious Mind and so this is the mind we want to work with. By working with our unconscious minds we can change habits, behaviours and emotions, address the reason why a person is doing what they are doing, why they eat when they are stressed, bored, happy, sad, what is causing them to feel this way, what causes them to skip meals and not eat all day and get to the ‘underlying’ reasons. By getting to these ‘underlying’ reasons we can address and change them which can enable a person to have a healthy, positive and controlled relationship with food, live a healthy life style, enjoy food, know when to stop eating AND still be able to have treats in moderation, lose weight and keep the weight off.
Imagine living a life where all this is possible, where a packet of crisps, chocolate bar, take away meal, glass of wine can just be that and rather than in the past where having one would set off the old spiral of another, then another that now you are able to eat the right foods, for the right reasons, have your treats in moderation and enjoy food once again.
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