Qi Gong for Enerchi – Thursdays

For anyone who has been missing a class with a Tai Chi feel to it, we have just the session starting in January!

Lee Gosnay will be starting a new weekly class called Qi Gong for Enerchi. It is a mindful and meditative movement based class suitable for all levels, including those who need to be seated due to mobility or fatigue reasons.


Every Thursday 10.30 – 11.30 am here at Beehive (once a month the class will be at 11.45am until 12.45pm).

tai chi meditative qi gong class

I want to know more…

For more information and to book you need to contact Lee directly as there are limited spaces.

website: movementandenerchi.com

email: lee@broad-minded.com

mobile: 07723 357 792

Can’t make a Thursday?

Then also check out his monthly workshops which take place on a Saturday. He has 3 uniquely themed sessions coming so book now to secure your place.

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