Massage enables me to walk normally

“I have massage so that I can walk normally and suffer less pain.”

said one of our regular clients who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) when I asked her why she comes to see us weekly.

I sit in reception and watch people come and go.  This particular client is a very private person who has told me previously that she is an MS sufferer.  I asked her if she would spend a couple of minutes explaining to me what she feels are the benefits of her treatments here and she was kind enough to agree.

The client comes once a week for Swedish Massage and additionally has Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology treatments.  She told me:

Massages and reflexology help me cope with my MS because without them I am dragging my right leg when I walk and I can’t walk straight and only walk slowly.  When I’ve had a treatment then:

I can hold my legs straight,
I can lift my feet right off the floor
My feet bend better at the ankle
I can walk faster

When I’ve had reflexology my feet are much more supple, they bend more and feel lighter.

With the lymphatic drainage I also get increased movement and I know that all the toxins are expelled from my body because afterwards I have to visit the Ladies more often!

This all results in my having a lot less pain in my legs too!

I'm grateful to our client for sharing her story with me, I understand now why she is such a regular client and leaves looking happy and relaxed.

Being curious I had a look on the internet and there is research evidence that bears out the findings of our client..  There is research regarding the spasticity MS sufferers have in their muscles, and that Massage can help relax muscles and enhance range of motion exercises, reducing the effect of the spasticity and the pain experienced.  

Researchers  in Canada believe that “The strokes and friction applied during massage are thought to promote muscle and connective tissue fibers to relax. This would allow the fibers to release their tight association with neighbouring fibres and to be realigned properly.”

I’m so glad that our wonderful therapists are able to improve our client’s leg function and through that her quality of life as she copes with living with MS.

Our client has Swedish Massage with Sandra Leyland-Williams, Swedish Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Monika Frakowiak and Reflexology with Lynsey McCabe - proving that in this case our integrated approach to providing therapeutic interventions for our clients is beneficial.

A big thank you to our client for agreeing to share her story with me


Article by Anne - Receptionist at Beehive Healthcare