Which massage is right for me?

Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain,  joint pain, muscle aches, insomnia, headaches, stiffness, gout, soft tissue injuries, stress, fatigue, tension, frozen shoulder, arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, MS or another chronic condition?

At Beehive Healthcare in Chester we have an experienced team of massage therapists who provide a range of therapies, but we realise that the choice can be confusing!

All massages can be an effective treatment to:
reduce stress,
tackle tension,
help aches and pains and reinvigorate you

However a therapeutic massage can provide further benefits so we thought we'd develop a quick guide to help you to decide the best massage for you.

Swedish Massage

Combines various techniques to break up muscle knots
Gentle or intense pressure can be used

Particularly effective for:
- Back, neck & joint pain management - Rehabilitation from muscle injury
- Back pain
- Fatigue

TuiNa Massage

Traditional Chinese healing massage with Chinese medicine practitioner
Wear loose comfortable clothing
Often combined with acupuncture

Particularly effective for:
- Back, neck & joint pain
- Frozen shoulder
- Improving Qi energy of the body

Bespoke Holistic Treatments

Customised to your individual needs

Treatments may include:
Massages: sports, deep tissue, pregnancy, aromatherapy

Therapies: Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Release Techniques (METs),Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Kinesiotherapy

Particularly effective for:
- Stress related conditions
- Muscle aches
- Benefits for dementia sufferers
- Arthritis

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Pain Relieving Massage

A Swedish Massage with an all-natural, organic, vegan, seed-based massage product

Full body massage or
Tailored to target only specific pain points

Particularly effective for:
- Pain caused by inflammation due to arthritis, gout, lupus, back pain, knee pain
- pain following prolonged exercise

Indian Head Massage

Traditional Indian Ayurvedic scalp, neck and shoulder massage

Particularly effective for:
- Insomnia
- Headaches
- Reducing tension
- Tense muscles

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Aromatherapy Massage

With customised essential aromatherapy oils
Gentle, relaxing and de-stressing
Will be customised to your needs

Particularly effective for:
- Stress related conditions
- Muscle aches
- Benefits for dementia sufferers - Arthritis

Hot Stone Massage

Encourages blood flow
Can be combined with reflexology

Particularly effective for:
- Reduction of pain in muscles & joints
- Insomnia

Authentic Thai Massage

Traditional Thai floor level massage Can have leg and foot massage only Combines pressure point massage with stretching techniques

Wear loose comfortable clothing

Particularly effective for:
- Chronic back pain
- Sciatica
- Fatigue

Pamper Packages

Treat yourself to one of Lynsey's luxurious, relaxing and refreshing "massage plus" pampering packages:

Splendid Bliss Massage
Supreme Bliss Massage
Holistic Combo Package

Particularly effective for:
- Relaxation
- Reducing stress
- Improving your feeling of well being

Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage

For 2nd, 3rd & 4th trimester
Can be combined with other prenatal treatments when delivered by Mother Nurture

Particularly effective for:
- Encouraging relaxation and enhancing mood
- Reducing anxiety, fear and tension
- Aiding sleep
- Reducing back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain and carpal tunnel symptoms
- Reducing swelling of the hands, feet and ankles

Your therapist will begin the session with a short consultation to discuss your particular needs and ensure the therapy is personalised to your requirements.

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your first session to enable you to complete a questionnaire.

There may be contra-indications which mean a massage isn't suitable for you or it needs to be customised.  If you have any particular concerns please check when booking, as we are always happy to discuss your options with you.

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