We’ve signed up the National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour campaign!

We’re proud to join in autistic week because we have autistic clients here at Beehive and not only do we adjust our surroundings to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible, but our therapist’s adjust their therapy style too.  Monika talked about this recently in her blog .

We understand that being autistic means seeing, hearing, and feeling the world in a different way, and we’ll be making simple steps to improve the  experience for our autistic customers on the 11th October between 12pm and 3pm.  We’ve picked a quiet time at the Beehive and we will have switched off our aromatherapy diffuser and turned off the music.  Our lighting is already pretty subtle so shouldn’t cause problems.

We treat all our client’s as individuals,  so whilst we have arranged our autism hours during a quiet time at the Beehive for us supporting autism doesn’t end at 3 o’clock.  If you or someone you support needs a particular environment when they are coming for a therapy or to join a class – please tell us.

And if you’re interested in the treatments here – why not come along between 12 and 3 pm on Thursday 11th October to find out more about what we do, and how our therapies and classes may be beneficial for you.

(You can find out more about autism week on the National Autistic Society website too)