Creating Your Bubble in Pregnancy

pregnancy blogIn my role as a hypnobirthing teacher, I frequently talk about the importance of having and protecting your own space, especially the space for birth. However, we all are in our own space all the time - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and now with a new and powerful threat of COVID-19 - its a good time to think about your space, or bubble!

Imagine a Bubble!

I call it, and imagine it as a bubble, as the border to the your space may feel almost fluid, and it is fairly flexible (a bubble even looks so nice!). For many people self isolating, their home is their bubble, and they may well be with family or friends, or they may be alone in that space. The messages are loud and clear to stay at home, to wash your hands often, and be mindful of any persons or items crossing the threshold to your space, cross contamination is low risk, but is a small risk that is vastly reduced with simple cleansing measure. Allowing you in your space to feel safe, secure, and to be in control of your physical health as much as you can be.

How it feels to be in this bubble is mixed, to some it is a welcomed ideal solution to the ongoing worry, and the bubble offers a feeling of protection, security and calm, yet for others being in their bubble may feel restrictive, boring, isolating and unfair. A very encouraging image was circulated on social media; changing 'Stuck at home' to 'Safe at home' and this resonated with me, in the fact that I have a home to call my own and to keep my family and myself safe within. Its good to stop and think that as much as this current concern for us is huge, we can create our bubble fairly easily and life can be lived in a different sort of normal way, where as around the world, this current threat is additional to already very challenging time for many.

Take control of the things coming into your bubble!

So, my main advice is to create a bubble that works for you, look after your physical health with healthy food, drinks and exercise, as well as attention to prevention of spreading germs. This is a whole new experience to encounter and it is normal to worry, but once you take control of the things coming into your bubble, you can adapt to seeking some information and then allow your focus to be on positive and encouraging activities to help calm your mind and ease your worries. Address your emotions and try to get a balance as the more negative emotions detrimentally affect your body and mind, and conversely the positive emotions promote wellbeing. As humans, the biggest issue for many is missing actual contact with other humans, we are a species who care, and love to hug and be near each other. This is a very different situation to normal, however, try to see each and everyone around you in their imaginary bubbles of wellbeing and how at some point soon, our bubbles will merge together as we wish them to.

Yet, hold on to the idea of always having a bubble as you need it, think about what you want your bubble to be and feel like, so surround yourself with lovely images, sounds, smells, tastes and things to touch that feel special to you. When you want to feel special, you know just what you need to do. If you are about to birth your baby, plan your bubble so it is a very special space for you, your partner and your baby to be.


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