*New Service* Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy

Beehive Healthcare Chester | Health and Wellbeing Centre | Manuela

A new service at Beehive Healthcare is Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy with Manuela Surgeon from www.MTSpsychotherapy.co.uk

Clients attend because they are struggling with daily intense anxious feelings, which can also be intense fears and are often accompanied with physical symptoms like restlessness, difficulties in concentration, experiencing nausea, stomach upset, rapid heart beat and breathing.

Some of the clients experience depressive symptoms such as being unusually sad or having irritable mood that doesn't go away, a lack of energy, persistent tiredness and intense guilt feelings. This can result in feeling worthless, thinking about death and wishing to be dead.

Psychoanalytical psychotherapy makes the clients feel empowered, being in control of their actions as well as a reduction of their psychological issues. These clients have learned strategies to manage stressful life events, resulting in feeling content and enjoying life again.

For Full information CLICK HERE to link into the service provided by Manuela Surgeon.