Virtual Exercise Classes

Accessing exercise online is a great way to keep mobile and active while restrictions are in place. Our class teachers are using a variety of means to send out classes such as facebook. youtube and zoom.

Take a look at what they are doing here and we look forward to being open for classes back in our studio soon!

We introduce them here but find more and up to date videos from our professionals on the Videos section of the Community Hive.

Art of Growth - Tai Chi / Qigong

Tino Faithful teaches Qi Gong, Tai Chi and meditation.

Hermeticism is the core tradition informing his teaching—although he has also studied Buddhism and Daoism. Tino's life-long engagement with spirituality has given him a chance to develop an in-depth understanding of how awareness can be harnessed and used as a platform for growth.

Linkwork is the practical aspect and rooted in Hermetic philosophy. It offers a step-by-step method for awareness cultivation.

If you're interested in finding out more about Qi Gong, Tai Chi and meditation, please get in touch with Tino here.

Tino's website

Tino on Instagram

Bodywork Pilates

This local firm run by Helen and Russ has been offering pilates for years. Having overcome a studio fire a few years back they rebuilt to make Bodywork Pilates the success it has been in Chester at Beehive and their home studio in Wrexham.

Helen, Russ and their team are far from your run of the mill pilates teachers. They invest massively in ongoing training to make sure they are offering top notch classes which make a massive difference to attendees health and mobility. They do falls prevention, health based pilates, yoga, retreats and 1:1 sessions. Strict on posture? You better believe they are!

They are currently offering free classes as they find their feet with this new way of working and then will switch to reduced cost lessons online at a snip of £10 per week with no ongoing commitment to make sure they are able to re-open when things improve. Join their facebook group to access this and find out more (link is below).

Website Link

Bodywork-Pilates Facebook link

Bodywork-Pilates Online Class Facebook Group

Inspire & Rewire

Nic Wagstaff owns and runs Inspire and Rewire. She is calm, friendly and professional which helps her assist people with stress, anxiety and generally feeling good. Her routes to this are incredibly varied since she is a yoga teacher, hypnotherapist, corporate leadership trainer, meditation and mindfulness teacher and retreat organiser. And that doesn't cover everything! Nic is releasing a lot of free information to support everyone at the moment and this is a free Healing Yoga video aimed to give you a flavour of her approach. It is very gentle and her healing yoga tends to be attended by those who have medical conditions which affect energy levels or mobility. Take a look and see if it is something that can help you.
Check Nic out in the "Children's Zone" and "Anxiety, Stress and Sleep" sections too (when it becomes live) for more of her free sessions

Noella Grace - Dance Teacher & Choreographer

Noella Grace is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. She has just started adding some videos for home dance - her trademark tap and jazz fusion!

Check out the Videos page for the up to date videos.

Patricia Mateus - Dance Teacher and Seated Exercise

Patricia Mateus has been a dance teacher and choreographer for years. Her passion for dance is evident in everything she does and she still dances regularly herself. Patricia is able to teach a range of styles and to a range of ages, regardless of mobility. She is also involved in a number of programmes which bring dance and movement to children with learning or mobility challenges.

To contact Patricia about any of her classes and to book a place for the class :


Patricia's Facebook

Current Class List - Contact Patricia for Details

Sunday - 10.30 am FREE

Facebook live Dance class for Adults/ teenagers ( fun dance routines to follow along)

Tuesday - 10.30 am Donation (bank transfer) 

Zoom Dance Class ( fun dance routines to follow along) Adult / Mateur movers

Wednesday - 4.30 pm £5 

Zoom Dance class 4-9 yrs (learning different styles of dance)

Friday - 10.30 am Donation (bank transfer)

Zoom seated chair gentle exercises with relaxation / meditation at the end

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